Our report out of South Africa

In the past couple months, South Africa has seen somewhat of an improvement in the Covid-19 situation. South Africa as a country is currently at Security Level 1, between the 10 and 15% of the population has had at least one vaccination, and new cases seem to have stabilized. On the downside, the economy has been hit very hard. It has been estimated that more than 50% of South Africans are unemployed.  And since the beginning of Covid 19, food insecurity has risen from 40% to 50% of the population.

At Ubuntu Mundo we are happy to report that both kitchens have stayed open and are thriving. And we are combatting food insecurity in our region by serving more than 6000 take-away meals monthly. We are currently reaching 350 children in Bodlayabongolo and Rooiboklaagte combined.

And the dedication of the Ubuntu Mundo staff cannot be underestimated. They keep preparing delicious meals and attending the vegetable garden, caring for the children by providing healthy, hot meals daily and maintaining Covid safety protocols to keep everyone safe. Luckily all the members of the team on the ground have received at least one vaccination.

Sadly, in life there is often loss. Last week, we celebrated the life of a dear little one, part of the Ubuntu Mundo community, gone too soon. As the say in South Africa, she is going home, we wish her a good journey. In her memory, we recommit ourselves to the important work of feeding children. Ubuntu Mundo will continue to grow, always working to nourish vulnerable children.

City World Tour: Amsterdam

Sunday, October 17, was the fourth time Team Ubuntu Mundo participated in the Amsterdam Marathon. This year, we had runners in the full marathon, half marathon and 8k races. Together, a group of 38 runners, from 16 to 60 years old, ran for a total almost 800km.

The day was a great success from both an awareness and fundraising perspective. As in years past, it was beautiful to see friends and family running together and cheering one another on, and when necessary, picking each other up and providing support during the run. From day one, this group has truly embodied the true meaning of the word Ubuntu: ‘I am because we are’.

The day ended with a social gathering, reliving and enjoying a very successful Ubuntu Mundo event.

Ke a leboga to all runners, donors and the Sefa (the study association for economics and business) of the University of Amsterdam for hosting the after party. Without your dedication and teamwork leading up to and during his beautiful event, this day would not have turned out the way it did!