About Us

UBUNTU-MUNDO (“UBUNTU”) is a global initiative focused on the general well-being of vulnerable children in struggling communities around the world.

The work of UBUNTU is supported by individual organizations in several countries. Together Ubuntu-Europe, Ubuntu-USA, Inc., and Ubuntu-South Africa are working to help support children through nutrition and education based programming. The first such program is located in Mpumalanga Province, in South Africa.

Mahlatse Mokgope was the inspiration behind UBUNTU. At the age of 5 she had lost both her parents and was welcomed in the house of a community member. One of her challenges was access to sufficient nutritious food. It was in that moment that UBUNTU found its calling: providing a healthy second meal to vulnerable and disadvantaged children.


Feeding their Future


To focus on vulnerable, disadvantaged and orphan children as they are most at risk due to the fact that these children are more likely to suffer from poor health and nutrition.


To identify pregnant, vulnerable woman and provide them with proper food supplements as malnutrition during pregnancy has long lasting effect on a child’s general health and abilities.


To provide infants and pre-school vulnerable and orphan children a preventive supplementary feeding and healthcare program which can have a significant impact on the development of a child.

To provide school age vulnerable and orphan children with a school health and nutrition program which can have a positive impact on the education of a child and therefore its chances in life.

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