Ubuntu Mundo’s 4-Year Anniversary!

Ubuntu Mundo is organizing a lottery for the occasion of the first meal served on June 5th 2016. During the past four years Ubuntu Mundo has provided 175 South-African children with over 72,000 meals and an after-school program in order to provide them with better life opportunities. Due to the success of the first project, Ubuntu Mundo is going to start a second community kitchen. To celebrate these results and to ensure Ubuntu Mundo is able to continue to support even more children in South-Africa, we are organizing the Ubuntu Mundo Lottery! The prize collection consists of a variety of great prizes! Buying 5 tickets provides one child enjoying a meal for 1 month (20 lunches) and gives you a better chance to win a prize.

What does the prize collection look like?

  • 1x Cortina city bike
  • 1x Scanlogics scan
  • 10x Nike shoes
  • 1x Ticket to an Ajax match
  • 1x Rijksmuseum 1000pcs puzzle
  • 1x Wildernis plant with hanger
  • 1x Zeven Deugden specialty beerpackage
  • 1x €50 Dignita voucher
  • 1x Imkerij ’t Hol honey package
  • 1x Cinetree half year subscription

And more prizes to be added…

How to get a chance to win?

1. Buy a ticket through scanning the QR code which corresponds to the amount of tickets you want to buy.
2. Fill in this form https://forms.gle/bYFth9kH4hh37oo1A

1 ticket = €3,00
3 tickets = €7,50
5 tickets * = €10,00
*A package of 5 tickets equals the costs of 20 meals