feed the children-3


To feed the children of the world.

To establish roots in distressed communities and support local efforts to uplift futures.


We see a healthy world where no child goes hungry and all communities thrive.


We believe in the smile on a child’s face and that joy is contagious.

We believe that reliable access to healthy food is a cornerstone for a brighter future.

We believe in growing responsibly and keeping our promises.

We believe in supporting children and women as a means to lift entire communities.

We believe in the value of all people, and that everyone is entitled to respect and equal access to opportunity.

We believe in creating systems that bring real value to communities, creating jobs, improving infrastructure and promoting economic growth.

We believe that education and employment opportunities are keys to success.

We believe in using sustainable practices to protect our natural world.

We believe in local control and agency.

We embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and design our programs and operations in support of those goals.