feeding possibility


Childhood should be a time of limitless potential.

Where you are born, what you are fed, how you are educated, what opportunities are available to you— all these things impact a child’s ability to realize that potential.

Ubuntu-USA believes that every child deserves the chance to live their fullest life, and supports initiatives that give children that chance.


Inspired by the work of Cecilya Bravo and Roland Oosterhout of Ubuntu Mundo in South Africa, Ubuntu-USA was established to fund programs that support vulnerable children around the world with targeted nutritional, health and education programs.

Ubuntu-USA funds programs that see the beauty and potential in each child, and we invite you to join us in feeding their futures.

Ubuntu USA, Inc., a Delaware corporation, is a fundraising organization, exempt from US tax under 501(c)(3).

EIN: 84-2396826


Board and Leadership

The founding members of the Board of Ubuntu-USA all know one another through their children -- they met as parents at a small school in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood where Cecilya was the beloved Spanish teacher. It is the love of children that drew them to this work. That and the example set by Cecilya and Roland who upended their lives, moved across the world, and have dedicated themselves to making a positive difference for vulnerable children everywhere.


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Sabrina Coughlin
Board Chair

Sabrina is the mother of three, with a background in law and nonprofit administration, who stepped down from paid work in her 40s to parent full time and volunteer at her children’s school and other community organizations. She lives in NYC with her husband and, together with their now mostly grown children, they support the arts, education, social justice and climate justice causes. It is Sabrina’s great joy to be part of this work.

Jodi Hecht

Jodi is a mother of two with a passion for infrastructure, government policy and podcasts. As a financial analyst, she is more than numbers and spreadsheets. Her interests have guided her to climb wind towers, tour the gold vault at the Federal Reserve and see fourteen movies in ten days. She aspires to develop a sustaining, smart city. Now, she lives in NYC with her husband, son and daughter, who share her enthusiasm in music and social justice.


Katya Plyshevsky

Katya Plyshevsky worked in marketing and distribution until deciding to stay home to raise her two daughters. In her parenting journey, she became deeply interested in health and wellness which led her to study homeopathy. She currently lives in NYC with her husband and children and runs a homeopathic practice. Her interest in health, nutrition, social justice and environmental sustainability drew her to Ubuntu’s wonderful mission and inspiring work.

Roland Oosterhout

Roland brings a background in finance and 20 years as a hedge fund manager in NYC to the enormous task of designing a global network to feed children. Roland works on the operations of Ubuntu Mundo as well as strategic planning for its growth and success. His hands-on experience and insights help inform the work of Ubuntu-USA as it pursues its mission of supporting vulnerable children around the world.