Our Approach

We target areas where a majority of the population lives at or below the poverty line. Reason being is that a health and nutrition program which targets poor children has the greatest benefit. It is well-documented that vulnerable and orphan children suffer twice at the hands of disease and poor nutrition. First, the diseases that affect children and their education are most prevalent in poor countries. And second, when diseases strike a rich and poor child at the same time, the poor child is more likely to be negatively affected from a learning perspective. This creates inequality at an educational level as well.

On the positive side, delivering health and nutrition programs to the vulnerable will bring double benefits and can close the inequality gap from an educational perspective. Another very important benefit of a health and nutrition program is that it can enhance people’s capabilities to pursue a better life that they have reason to value.

As described in our vision, UBUNTU would like to identify the vulnerable, disadvantaged and orphan children who would benefit the most from a health and nutrition program. This program would start at the pregnancy of the mother of the vulnerable child all the way through primary school. Improving children’s health and nutrition brings substantial benefits for cognitive development and education.

Community involvement is a key success factor for setting up a long-lasting and sustainable program. The community is the heartbeat of the program. Change can only be realized when it comes from within. Our role is to mobilize and catalyze the community, help them find solutions and share their stories and accomplishments.

UBUNTU would like to build partnerships with other NGO’s whom have a similar mission and vision, and with local healthcare facilities or clinics. With other NGO’s it could exchange best practices and it could take advantage of economies of scale. With local healthcare facilities or clinics agreements could be reached how to set-up, implement and monitor a health program that would benefit the vulnerable and orphan children from conception to the end of primary school.

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