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Ubuntu Mundo is all about children. Across two projects, 450 children come each day after school for a hot, nutritious meal. The time spent together sharing a meal is full of joy and laughter, and no one leaves hungry.

Meet just a few of the children who are at the heart of who we are.


Eugene- IMG_1337


Meet Eugene, a very special 14 year old girl who joined our program in our earliest days.

Who is Eugene?

  • She is hardworking and punctual
  • Playful and daring
  • Audacious, fearless, and courageous!

Although she faces challenges in her own life, she is very committed to the welfare of others.

She shares her love and joy with everyone around, from the very youngest to those much older than herself.

Eugene lights up when sewing and painting at Ubuntu Mundo.



Little Dineo, now in Grade 2,  joined Ubuntu Mundo in Grade R at the age of 5.

A beautiful soul, with a quick smile and shining eyes, she never needs language to express her feelings.

She is an incredibly caring child, bringing a sense of serenity wherever she goes. While we provided food, she nourished us and everyone around her with peaceful energy.

While too young for our after school program, Dineo always showed her love of reading, sitting quietly after eating, lost in a story.




Our proud, funny boy, Desire, has been in the Ubuntu Mundo program from the beginning in 2016. Now in Grade 6, Desire is curious and studious, consistently doing well in school. He lives with his grandmother and is the oldest son in his family, which brings real responsibility. Desire always rises to that responsibility, taking good care of his younger sibling with lots of love.

Desire was immediately drawn to photography when we introduced the first cameras at Ubuntu Mundo, and his inquisitive mind has made him a talented photographer.