Our Projects

Our projects are located in areas where the majority of the population lives at or below the poverty line, and where the local community has expressed the need for such a project and has indicated their commitment to be involved. Ubuntu works together with local community members to create, operate and sustain these programs.

South Africa

The Region

UBUNTU is working in the North East of South Africa in the greater Bodlayabongolo area in the Mpumalanga province.  According to a recent study entitled “Bushbuckridge Local Municipality 2014/15 Final Integrated Development Plan” this region has severe social and economic problems. Fifty-five percent of the population is unemployed. Thirty percent is infected with HIV. And eighty percent is below the age of 34.


Accomplishments and Future Goals

It is well documented that children who are hungry perform worse in school than children who are well fed and therefore have less chances in life. Currently, UBUNTU provides a daily second meal to 175 children in the region. UBUNTU is very proud to announce that ever since the introduction of our “Feeding Their Future” program, children are attending school daily, showing generally improved learner behavior, demonstrating a higher level of concentration in- and outside the classroom and living a “healthier life-style”. In addition, 60% of the children improved their Body Mass Index (BMI).

In addition, a vegetable garden is being established to create employment, increase the capacity of the second meal program and to teach self-reliance and self-sustainability.

UBUNTU also introduces three after school programs: sewing, carpentry and traditional dance. The idea behind these classes is to teach the children a skill and keep them connected with their culture. The teachers of these classes are people from the local community. It will also increase confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance of the learners.


Looking to the future, UBUNTU would like to add vulnerable children out of the area. In addition, UBUNTU would like to focus on pregnant, vulnerable women, infants and pre-school children at risk and orphans. Proper access to food supplements will have a long-lasting effect on these children’s general health, abilities and development. UBUNTU strives to work hand in hand with home based care to identify and monitor these children and women.

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